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Sound Waves



Music, Sound Design, Audio Lead - Uncured


Game by End Realm [In Production]

Infected with a lethal zombie virus, you play as a young woman named Amber taking on a race against time as your humanity starts to succumb to corruption. Barely kept stable through unexplored medicine, you try to use your newly gained mutational powers in your favor as you fight grotesque amalgamations, a corrupt military, and determined survivors in order to find a cure for your ailment.


Currently available to wishlist on Steam!

Game Jams

Composer - We're The Good Guys (Promise)


Submission for GMTK Game Jam 2023

You're the Big Boss in the Not Evil Cat Corporation, and some pesky nut is tryna break into your research facility! 

Advise your patrols and utilize the tech within your company to catch this cat burglar in the act and protect your research!

Click the logo for more info and gameplay.

Gameplay music
00:00 / 01:14
Game Over
00:00 / 00:15
Menu Music
00:00 / 00:59


Composer - Something Special


An award winning animation by Jisoo Kim.

A painter who is ambitious to make a masterpiece gets in a slump because his eagerness became an obsession. In his daily routine, there are many impressive moments that might inspire him but he doesn't notice them since he is captivated by his own thought. The endless pain of creation makes him worn out so he ends up getting overwhelmed and giving up. After getting out of the obsession, however, he is finally able to see a beautiful piece of his everyday life.


Co-Composer - Worthy of Honour


A Canadian war veteran and former pilot recounts his experience flying the Lancaster bomber plane during the Second World War in Europe.

Jack Finan is a formor World War Two Pilot for the Canadian Royal Air Force. He Flew 23 planes, Including one of the most famous Allied Bomber Planes, The Avro Lancaster. Jack is currently the oldest living Lancaster Pilot and one of the last living World War 2 Veterans at 103 years old.


I have been participated in composing, sound designing for various companies. Here are some of the finished commercials.


CitiBank Hong Kong

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